How to choose products Cruelty Free?

In order for certain products that we consume to hit the market, major makeup brands in the world choose to enslave thousands of animals in laboratories and subject them to various tests to meet quality controls. Being a big and cruel mistake since the animals are different to us and the tests usually have different results. These great marks subject animals to much pain & nbsp; & nbsp; because they use very strong chemicals, causing & nbsp; animals to be blind, others with their skins burned with acids and as a result of this they die by intoxication. & Nbsp;

To our relief today, many brands have been called into question by these bad practices and so many customers are looking for brands concerned with animal welfare. & nbsp; & nbsp; Chile we have Te Protejo , & nbsp; non-profit organization that promotes the use of untested cosmetics in animals and other beauty and health initiatives that are respectful of the environment and animals. On your & nbsp; page we can & nbsp; review the complete list of non-tested brands. & Nbsp; Have the & nbsp; #ViveCrueltyFree & nbsp; Which will allow you to see the list of all brands available in our country, where to find them and which ones offer vegan products. The new platform, available for iOS and Android, delivers the complete list of brands, for sale in Chile, Certified as not tested on animals by international organizations such as PETA, Leaping Bunny, CCF, Kara, One Voice, among others, and Te Protejo in Chile. The search engine, whose main categories are makeup, hair care, home care Personal, allows filtering by Chilean or international brands, as well as create a personalized list with each user's favorite companies. The information available by trademark indicates which organization certifies it to be free of animal testing, what are its points of sale, price range, and listing of vegan products.