Multi Purpose Necessers

High capacity bag, ideal for carrying everything you want. The advantage of our Necessers is that they are impermeable and with an indefinite form which allows you to take few things in the without taking up much space and as you go keeping what you need will begin to expand.

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Neceser Chicas Felices Sale

Neceser Chicas Felices

$6.650 CLP $9.500 CLP
Neceser Chitas en Negro Sale

Neceser Chitas en Negro

$6.650 CLP $9.500 CLP
Neceser Hojas de Colores Sale

Neceser Hojas de Colores

$6.650 CLP $9.500 CLP
Neceser Libre y Salvaje Sale

Neceser Libre y Salvaje

$6.650 CLP $9.500 CLP