F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Cocodrilo doubts on its side VEGAN, Ethical and Sustainable

Cocodrilo has a product with animal leather ?

- No, in this regard are very consistent and everything we do and sell is 100% VEGAN . We are happy that so be it

Crocodile has a certification?

Yes, Cocodrilo is the first brand  in Latin America to certify their products as 100% VEGAN design in 2014, this certification is granted by P.E.T.A 

How does my product is manufactured Cocodrilo?

-All products are made by women in Santiago de Chile, our products are made one to one with the dedication they deserve, we believe we can encourage local production at a ethical price, both for those working with us to our customers.

I want to sell productsCocodrilo in my store or want to be present in my project

I would like Crocodile is present in my shop (in Chile or another countries ) How can do?

We are happy that want to have our brand in your store, we love to receive your proposal you grow chile or another country,  contact us to our email: hola@cocodrilobazar.cl

I have a project and would like to have Cocodrilo How do I do?

- Thanks for your interest, if your project is under the line of our brand and we can include we will, contact us to discuss your project hola@cocodrilobazar.cl

Warranty, changes and repairs .

Does my product had some damage how long is my warranty?

-Our products to be made on a small scale and entirely by hand so are made to last, if you had any damage in your article, sorry really :(, we have a  1 year warranty  from product purchase (this warranty does not cover misuse of the product) If you do not withdraw your product you left under repair after 3 warnings unanswered .. we will ship by parcel to your home or office to pay  (we are not responsible of shipping charges) 

I have a Cocodrilo want to fix product which is not under warranty will be repaired 

- we have a repair service low cost, you have to leave article  assessment, we will contact you by mail or telephone, the idea is that you can use your product what more can:).

 If you do not withdraw your product repaired left after 3 ads without r nswer  send it by parcel to your home or office to pay (we are not responsible for shipping charges)

If I bought a backpack and want to change it for another product How I can do?

-In Crocodile our policy changes during  10 days  from product purchase, you must have attention to the following points:

· You must come to our shop to change ticket or the ticket to make the change effective 

· The product must come unused (no products were changed showing signs (except that the time of purchase is stated that it will require  being busy) · products that are within the prescribed time and not passed this & nbsp change little over time  if for a gift, which will be marked on the ticket of respective change) 

· the changes are only for the items available in the store at the time of the deadline, no requests for specific models are made for changes or postponements . date 

· If it is a online shopping, the customer is who should take care of all  shipping costs. 

 · We make no cash back

If you have further questions and we have not answered on this page write to hola@cocodrilobazar.cl