Who we are

Cocodrilo is a brand formed in 2008 by Mª Soledad Fernández and Elsa Herrera , who from the 19 years are dedicated to designing and making accessories in a self-taught way, giving up their careers and dedicating themselves full time to their project. Crocodile started with a capital of $ 15,000 CLP ($ 25 USD), with the purpose of creating products without resorting to the use of leather or some material of animal origin , also using the recycling of fabrics. Crocodile is an ethical brand both with the people who make up the team and the environment.

After 5 years of sales at various design fairs and on the internet, in 2013 they decided to open their first Crocodile store at the Drugstore gallery in Providencia.

In 2014 Cocodrilo is the first design brand in Latin America to be certified with the international VEGAN seal by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Mª Soledad and Elsa in their store in the Drugstore Gallery.